Fitting Manzanita Branches Into a Glass Vase

The branch shown at right is obviously not fitting down into the vase well. As with all natural products, every piece is unique and may need a little help. This is where your creative floral skills come in!

Let's make it fit nicely into this small diameter vase, in three simple steps...

Fit 1

Step 1. Let's cut the branch, leaving the main fork pieces intact while removing the branch that appears to be more "on it's own". Garden shears or loppers work great for this. Any hand saw will also 2

Step 2. Now we have two separate pieces that we can turn and arrange in any way we need. In this example, we neeed a wider, more symetical 3

Step 3. Now we can easily fit the branches into the vase, and arrange in any way needed. Add your filler and decorations to complete your display.fit4

Working with branches is not unlike working with other fresh floral materials, including flowers. Working with the raw material is fun, creative, and is a part of the project.

For more information on working with natural products, please see our Manzanita Buyer's Guide located here: Manzanita Buyer's Guide