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All natural, untreated (no paints or chemicals), perfect for bird enclosures, aquariums and terrariums.
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Single Bird Perch, Manzanita Single Bird Perch, Sandblasted Manzanita Design Your Multi-Branch Bird Perch
Multi-Branch Bird Perch, Manzanita Sandblasted Ghostwood (California Driftwood), 10-12" Multi-Branch Bird Perch, Sandblasted Manzanita
Grapewood Burl - 0418-78 Grapewood Burl Tunnel Sandblasted Ghostwood (California Driftwood), 14-16"
Grapewood Burl - 0418-78
Price: $11.98
ON SALE: $10.87
Hobbit Tree - BBHBT-0805-03 Assorted Cholla Branches, 5 Pieces Sandblasted Ghostwood (California Driftwood), 18"
Assorted Cholla Branches, 5 Pieces
Price: $15.78
ON SALE: $14.28
Sandblasted Ghostwood (California Driftwood), 24"