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Sandblasted Grapewood, 24" (case of 6, shipping included!) Sandblasted Manzanita Sticks - Craft Grapewood Burl Half Round
Beau Monde Centerpiece Branches, 30" Tall Geometric Glass Terrarium, Hanging Diamond Geometric Glass Terrarium, Raised Pyramid
Beau Monde Centerpiece Branches, 30" Tall
Price: $18.78
FALL SALE!: $15.78
Manzanita branches, 18" tall. Geometric Glass Terrarium, Hanging Teardrop Natural Manzanita Branch, 24" Tall with Base Included
Terrarium/Reptile Kit - 3 Pieces (Shipping Included!) Natural Red Manzanita Branches, 24" Tall, case of two pieces(shipping included!) Natural Manzanita Branch Sample Pack, 14", 18", 24" (shipping included!)
Sandblasted Manzanita Branches, 18" tall, case of two (shipping included!) Cylinder Vase Centerpiece Kit, 6 Pieces Natural Red Manzanita Branches, 30" Tall, case of two pieces (shipping included!)