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Return phone calls may take up to 24 hours (all employees are in the warehouse shipping branches!)
Phone: (909) 218-3525 - 9:00 AM to 5.00 PM PST


We will respond to your inquiry just as soon as possible.
To obtain a shipping quote, use the Special Freight shipping option at checkout. We'll email a quote to you before processing your order.

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Customer service hours are from Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM, Pacific Standard Time. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions regarding our products and shipping.


This time of year is the busiest for our fulfillment and shipping departments. Be sure to order well ahead of time to avoid delays. Processing time for orders is currently 3-5 business days. We do not ship 24 hours a day or on the weekends. You are strongly advised to order at least 3 weeks ahead of schedule.


The shipping department will be closed on the following dates so that our employees can be with their families. Be sure to order before these dates to avoid delivery delays:

    Memorial Day - Monday, May 29 - Closed

    Independence Day - Tuesday, July 4 - Closed

    Labor Day - Monday, September 4 - Closed

    Thanksgiving Day - Thursday and Friday, November 23-24 - Closed

    Christmas - Monday- December 25 - Closed

      Where We Ship

      We ship to the Continental USA (including Alaska), Hawaii, and Canada. We do not ship to Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, South America or Mexico.

      How We Ship

      We ship using all available FedEx services, including Home Delivery, Standard Ground (commercial addresses only), Overnight, 2-Day, 3-Day (Express Saver) and SmartPost (FedEx/USPS combined). Blooms & Branches uses its existing FedEx account, with it's discounts passed along, for all shipments. You may not use your own account for shipments, FedEx or otherwise.

      Smartpost / USPS - Returned Shipments

      If your shipment returns to the US Post Office due to a wrong address, that was provided by you at checkout, your shipment will remain at the Post Office indefinitely with postage due. Blooms & Branches nor MET Agency will not pay the high returned shipment fees caused by incorrect shipping addresses, which are unrecoverable after your shipment leaves our warehouse.

      FedEx - No Signature Required

      All FedEx deliveries from Blooms & Branches do NOT require a signature. FedEx will leave the delivery near your front door, or sometimes with a neighbor if there appears to be a security concern. By placing an order, you acknowledge that a signature is not required and you agree to these terms.

      Please note that if your delivery address is incorrect, FedEx will charge an address correction-reroute fee which must be paid prior to delivery

      FedEx - ASAP Shipping

      When you place an order with Blooms & Branches, you acknowledge that all orders are fulfilled in the order that they are received, and in the fastest possible manner, based on available stock on hand. Much of our fulfillment speed comes from very strict fulfillment systems conducted in the fastest possible way. Once your order is received by our system, it will not be jumped ahead of the process, for any reason. Please order early to avoid delays in delivery for your event.

      When We Ship


      Orders generally ship within 48 business hours, and up to 5 business days (closed on weekends) during Spring and Fall wedding seasons. Orders that require shipping quotes: Each of our natural products has it's own unique size and weight. If your order requires a shipping quote, your fee will be quoted after your order has been received and sized, usually the same business day. On these oversized items, your order will be finalized only after you have confirmed your final total with the shipping fee.

      About Flat Rate Shipping Fees & Shipping Quotes

      Natural branches sometimes run larger and heavier due to frequent changes in harvest areas. In turn, the cost to ship will increase due to the increase in box size and the weight. If the actual FedEx shipping fee exceeds your flat rate shipping fee, we will send you a quote for the shipping fee for your confirmation.

      If your shipping quote exceeded your flat rate shipping fee, this is because your natural branches are larger and/or heavier due to frequent changes in harvest areas. In turn, the cost to ship has increased due to the increase in the box size and the weight.

      Your Stated Event Date

      If you entered a date that your event will take place, and your estimated order arrival date will occur afterward, we will hold your order and contact you with options. We do this as a courtesy to you, our customer, to make sure your items will arrive in time for your event by the date you indicated.

      PayPal Payments and Shipping

      If you are paying by PayPal, you may not receive a PayPal invoice until your shipping quote has been confirmed by you. Once confirmed, your shipping total is added to your payment amount, and then the PayPal Invoice is sent to you.

      In-Store Pickup

      In-store pickups are not available without an appointment. Call us at 909 218-3525 to schedule an in store pick up.
      *There are no returns or refunds on in-store pickups.*
      Please Note: Customers are not permitted to enter our facility at any time due to safety and security reasons.

      Items With Shipping Included: Orders that include shipping are offered within the lower 48 continental United States. Hawaii, Alaska and Guam require a separate shipping quote.

      Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam

      Additional shipping is required for orders to these locations. Hawaiian shipments may sometimes ship via USPS at no additional shipping charge, however transit times are substantially longer.

      Canada/Mexico Shipments
      We ship to Canada daily. Canadian shipments can take up to 11 transit days due to customs clearance. Please be aware that FedEx charges additional fees for shipping to Canada. Additionally, duties and taxes need to be calculated after your order is received by us, and the additional charges will be sent to you via email for confirmation before your order and payment is processed. Mexico does not allow our products to be imported.

      UPS and USPS (Postal Service)
      We do not ship via UPS. No exceptions. We occasionally use USPS for small packages and for shipments to Hawaii and Alaska

      Shipments Refused On Delivery

      All returns require a Return Authorization Number (see first paragraph of this page). If you refuse delivery of a shipment (for any reason) and the order is returned to us by FedEx or the freight carrier, the shipment will be rejected at our warehouse and a refund will not be issued. Again, all returns require an RMA request and approval.

      Shipment/Order Cancellation

      Orders that have shipped cannot be canceled. An RMA request must be submitted once the order arrives via the shipper. Please click here to view our Return Policy.

      Shipments via Freight Carrier (Freight Truck)

      There are no returns, exchanges or refunds on these shipments of perishable floral products once they leave the warehouse. All sales are final. Please inspect all shipments upon delivery for accuracy. This does not include FedEx shipments. Please note that if your delivery address is incorrect, the freight carrier will charge an address correction-reroute fee which must be paid prior to delivery. If the payment is not received, we will instruct the carrier to send your shipment to salvage and no refund will be given.

      Freight Shipments - Customer's BOL

      Freight shipments and pickups arranged by customers (not Blooms & Branches) are required to schedule and pick up orders within 48 hours of order availability. Once the customer is notified that the order is ready, it must be removed from the warehouse within 48 hours. Unclaimed shipments will be assessed a daily storage fee of $50.00, as the order must be moved to an offsite facility for storage. Once the storage fee is billed, it must be paid before the order will be released.
      Orders that remain unclaimed for a period of 14 days will be cancelled and placed into stock, and will be issued a refund, minus the accrued storage fee. If the order is a customer order, there will be no refund issued.

      I Think My Order is Wrong / Item Appears Damaged

      We want to make it right! Email us at least two clear photos (use a digital camera or camera phone) of your items and let us take a look at what went wrong. Please make sure the photos are at least 250 pixels high (3 inches) and at least 250 pixels wide (3 inches) so that we can see the item clearly. We'll do our best to correct your order. Any orders corrections are sent via ground shipping, and is under the discretion of management.

      Please let us correct any problems before filing a charge-back. If a charge-back is filed before we are allowed to respond, we will only respond to the charge-back. All further communication will be made through the charge-back process and we will make no further corrections to your order. All damage MUST be reported with 48 hours after delivery. No exceptions.

      Glass Items

      If you ordered glass vases and they arrived broken, please notify us immediately. Great care is taken to ensure that your vases arrive intact, however mishaps during transit can sometimes result in breakage. Blooms and Branches is not responsible for breakage from use or mishandling after your shipment has arrived. If you receive broken glass items, please provide photos of the damage via email.

      Incorrect Quantity

      If you received the wrong quantity, we must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of your order. We will immediately correct the quantity discrepancy.

      Missing Shipments/Partial Shipments

      Immediately report to us any shipments received that are missing boxes, or if your tracking information shows that the shipment was delivered buy you are unable to locate it at the delivery location. While we can advise you on how to proceed, please note that we are not responsible for shipments stolen from your location. Note that all shipments DO NOT require a signature for delivery, by default. If you reside in a high-crime area, you may want to request a delivery signature at checkout, which is available for small fee.

      Wrong Items Shipped

      FedEx shipments: We will correct this by immediately issuing a FedEx Call Tag for the order. If you decide to keep the wrongly shipped items (for any reason), we will refund the difference for the wrongly shipped items. Wrong items received must be reported within 48 hours of receipt, otherwise we will assume that you are keeping the items. To ship a replacement for the wrongly shipped items, or process a refund, we must be able to retrieve the wrong items for shipment back to our warehouse (at our expense). Freight shipments: Please inspect all shipments upon delivery for accuracy.

      Orders are normally shipped within 48 hours of confirmation (up to 5 days during our busy wedding seasons) in the order they are received and during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM) subject to available stock on hand. Most of our items can be shipped via FedEx Ground or USPS, while our larger products are shipped via freight.

      TRANSIT TIMES: The map below shows ESTIMATED shipping delivery times in BUSINESS DAYS. Actual deliveries may to take several additional days. Please order WELL AHEAD of your scheduled event.

      * The map above is a general representation of transit times for FedEx Ground shipments to commercial destinations. In limited areas, transit times may differ between shipments to commercial and residential destinations.

      * FedEx Ground business days are Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). FedEx Home Delivery business days are Tuesday through Saturday (excluding holidays).

      Example: A package shipped via FedEx Ground on Monday with a transit schedule of 2 business days, (not including the day the package is shipped) would be expected for delivery on Wednesday. A package shipped on Friday with a 2-day transit schedule would be expected for delivery the following Tuesday.


      Enchanting, whimsical Curly Willow!

      Using Curly Willow

      One of the most versatile materials available, Curly Willow is perfect for decorating arbors, arches, chuppahs and gazebos. It's twisted, curling stems offer a whimsical look and can be soaked and shaped as desired.

      About Curly Willow

      Curly Willow grows as a medium-sized to large deciduous tree, growing up to 20-25 ft tall. It is upright and grows rapidly. Before harvesting, the leaves are narrow, light green, around 4-10 cm long and 1-2 cm broad. Native to Japan and Northern China.

      Ordering Curly Willow

      Small - 1 bunch of small stems, 3 to 4 ft. tall. Each bunch contains up to 12 stems.
      Large - 1 bunch of large stems, 60" to 72" tall. Each bunch contain up to 5 multi-branching stems.

      Fitting Manzanita Branches Into a Glass Vase

      The branch shown at right is obviously not fitting down into the vase well. As with all natural products, every piece is unique and may need a little help. This is where your creative floral skills come in!

      Let's make it fit nicely into this small diameter vase, in three simple steps...

      Fit 1

      Step 1. Let's cut the branch, leaving the main fork pieces intact while removing the branch that appears to be more "on it's own". Garden shears or loppers work great for this. Any hand saw will also 2

      Step 2. Now we have two separate pieces that we can turn and arrange in any way we need. In this example, we neeed a wider, more symetical 3

      Step 3. Now we can easily fit the branches into the vase, and arrange in any way needed. Add your filler and decorations to complete your display.fit4

      Working with branches is not unlike working with other fresh floral materials, including flowers. Working with the raw material is fun, creative, and is a part of the project.

      For more information on working with natural products, please see our Manzanita Buyer's Guide located here: Manzanita Buyer's Guide

      Natural Red Manzanita Branches, 14" Tall - Case of 50 Pieces
        order order order
      Professional quality Manzanita branches, natural color. While our 14", 18" and 24" branches are suitable for several types of floral arrangements, our 30" tall branches are the most popular for centerpieces. These are the highest quality branches, carefully harvested and packed by our staff specifically for centerpiece use.

      • Each is piece is uniquely beautiful, however widths will vary. Product photo is an example only.
      • Branch heights are the minimum. May be slightly larger depending on the harvest and time of year, and may require trimming.
      • View a manzanita size chart here.

      Shipping Quote

      We can provide you with the lowest rate possible, directly to your address.
      Please submit the following information. NOTE: All fields are required:

      Your name:
      Email address:
      What ZIP code are we shipping to?:

      Please enter the following code into the box provided:

      Note: If you already placed an order, a quote is not needed.

      Wish Tree Assembly Instructions
      Step 1

      Remove any unwanted lower branches so that the branches can be inserted into the foam blocks.
      Step 3

      Step 2

      Push the base of each branch in the foam block, twisting slightly so that a gap is formed around the base of branch. We will fill this gap with hot glue in a moment.
      Step 4
      Step 3

      Fill the gap around the base of the branch with hot glue. After a few minutes, the glue will turn a milky color indicating that the glue has cooled.
      Step 4
      Step 4

      After the glue has cooled and the branch is solidly in the foam block, place a large drop of hot glue on the bottom-center of the wooden container.
      Step 5

      Step 5

      Place the foam block and branch onto the hot glue to secure it in the box. Fill your containers with a filler of your choice to hide the foam block.

      Step 6

      Step 6

      Download the wishtree cards here.

      Print out the wish cards on Avery card stock. Use Avery Business Cards, Item #8371. After printing, the cards easily break apart. Use a hole punch to create holes, and use a ribbon of your choice to create your hangers for your tree.

      That's it!

      How do I contact you?
        Please click here for our company contact information.