About Our FedEx Rates...

While our competitors are increasing shipping rates, ours are literally going down! This is because we are continually re-negotiating our shipping rates with FedEx (which we pass along to you), as well as improving our shipping methods- such as using custom-made boxes that fit our products more precisely. This helps in two ways: lowering your shipping cost as much as possible, and reducing impacts on the environment. Two great reasons to order from Blooms & Branches!

Items with shipping included: Simply look for the logo which indicates "shipping included" on selected items throughout the store.

Shipping Fees Are No Longer Based on Actual Weight. Why?

For years, FedEx and UPS did not charge dimensional weight, which meant that packages, regardless of size, were only billed based on the actual weight.

Let’s say you sold those foam swim noodles online. If you ship one of those things, it would take up a big chunk of space in the FedEx truck. But, since it weighs next to nothing, your shipping cost would also be next to nothing.

So, shipping carriers started charging dimensional weight to help ensure that the costs they incur to deliver a package more closely aligned with the fee they charge to the shipper. Basically, FedEx and UPS wanted to be paid for the space that was occupied on their trucks and planes for big, lightweight packages (such as our branches, which are extremely lightweight and ship in huge boxes!).

When they implemented dimensional weight, it was a big deal. But, at first, it only applied to packages over 3 cubic feet, which meant that it did not apply for the majority of parcels. That has since changed, and their new rule is that dimensional weight will be calculated with each and every package.